Overhead Conductors Monitoring

Having been exposed to different atmospheres, electric power transmission facilities especially overhead conductors (like ACSR) are at the risk of corrosion. Condition monitoring of the facilities offered by Corrmit reduces the risk of unexpected overhead conductor failures, possible environmental damages, and capital losses. These services are based on semi-automated and automated remote monitoring system. Such services enable us to survey the power transmission lines which are difficult to access. These services can be carried out using a tool which carries an eddy current device and/or Infrared & visual camera.
Semi-automated device:
Unlike the infrared-based device, the Eddy current one can detect corrosion often well before it is visible or detectable. The device has the capability to be positioned on wires by linesmen and then operated remotely. It can be operated on energized and non-energized conductors.

Automated device:
Our fully automated devices consist of one or more inspection means (such as Visual or Infrared Camera and/or Eddy current) attached to a drone. Semi-automated devices are not able to bypass obstacles like the line concoctions and fittings, and also inspection done by these devices is time-consuming. But nonetheless, our automated device has the capability to overcome the obstacles and offers a cost-effective inspection that can be done in a shorter time.